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August 25, 2008 at 7:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

One week ago yesterday I had an outer body experience. Yes, that’s right, I bought a BRAND NEW CAR!!

We had been thinking about selling my 1999 Honda Passport for quite some time now, I had it listed on Craigslist for over a year, but I wasn’t very serious about selling it, just sort of toying with the idea. I had a lot of people call and ask questions about it, but none of them actually ever came to see it. You see for some odd reason, people think that just because it’s a Honda that it’s supposed to get 30+ mpg. Come on people! It’s an SUV!

Anyhow, after a crazy series of events and dealing with a pain in the ass buyer, we sold my SUV!! So it was onto buying a new, more gas efficient, commuter car. After researching the crap out of Honda Civics (which I originally intended to buy), I found out that the Toyota Corolla gets better gas mileage, has a higher re-sale value, and is also cheaper to insure (apparently Civic’s are one of the top stolen cars, so they jack up your insurance rates). I decided on a Corolla and began the hunt.

We pondered the idea of buying brand new, but we just didn’t think it was in the cards for us. After talking to a dealer in Auburn, we came to the conclusion that we just couldn’t afford to buy brand new, so we went on to looking at used ones.

We actually found a used 2008 Toyota Corolla with around 10,000 miles on it in San Jose that we were going to drive down and buy the next day, but just as I got off the phone with that dealer, the dealer in Auburn called me back (keep in mind that I had been wheeling and dealing this guy for two days trying to get him to come down on his price).

He said he talked his manager into it and he could get me an awesome deal on a brand new 2009, after running the numbers we decided that we just couldn’t pass it up because he only wanted $1,000 more for the 2009 than the San Jose dealership wanted for the 2008 with 10,000 miles. Not to mention, I called a few other dealers trying to get them to either match the guy in Auburn’s price or to do even better and to my surprise none of them would do it, one of them even told me that if he were me he’d take the deal!

So last Sunday, we drove down and I picked up my beautiful new ride, isn’t it sexy?? I still can’t believe it’s mine, it feels like I’m driving a rental or something. Oh and did I mention I get 27 mpg city and 35 mpg highway!! I checked my mileage the other day and I got about 32 mpg!! That’s definitely an upgrade from my previous 12 mpg!!! 

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