Birthday Trip to Weed

February 12, 2009 at 12:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So this last weekend we took a trip to Weed for two reasons: 1) It was my birthday! and 2) J has his First Responder class up there every weekend for the next month. Also, it was just a good excuse to take a little mini-vacay trip since we haven’t had the chance (or the $$) to in so long.

The drive was pretty typical, although there’s pretty much NO snow up there right now, which is very atypical for this time of year. But nonetheless we arrived in one piece. Oh and did I mention we took BOTH dogs? Yea, you can save all the comments about how crazy I am for packing our two dogs into my little corolla.

The dogs were actually pretty good, once Brody gets over his initial excitement/anxiousness over being in the car he chills out and enjoys the scenery.  Sadie hates being stuck in the back, she much prefers the back of J’s truck, but my car gets such good gas mileage that it was an easy choice. Brody has taken to this new thing where when we get on the freeway and start driving fast, he hops into the back and lays on the floor behind our seats. I guess being a dachshund he prefers the den-like feeling maybe, who knows.

We stayed in a Motel 6, which of course is not preferable, but in this economic climate one really has no choice. Plus, they let you have pets and don’t charge you a fee, which is pretty unheard of these days. There was a pretty awesome view of Mount Shasta from the street in front of our hotel.


Overall the trip was really nice and it was great to get away even for the short period of time that it was. On my birthday we decided to drive up to Mount Shasta on a whim. There really is a serious lack of snow in that parts, which is so odd considering it’s February, but I can’t say I’m surprised considering it’s rained all of maybe 3 days over the past few months. We’re in a serious drought here, Shasta Lake is literally a puddle and the town of Lakehead has NO LAKE! I suggested to J that they need to figure out a new name because that’s false advertising.

I digress, this was Brody’s first time in the snow and as you can guess it was pretty damn hilarious. He didn’t know what to think at first, he walked as if he were on a bed of hot coals, picking up his feet and hoping around.



Although he does the same thing when it’s raining and he goes outside to pee, I would too if my belly was only 3 inches off the ground. After running around, checking out the snow for awhile, he ran back to me and I put him in the backseat of the car so he could warm up. How freaking cute is he??



Sadie of course LOVES the snow with every ounce of her being. She loves to run in it, eat it, chase snowballs, all of that and then some. Once we finally move to Alaska, I can already see she’s going to be in hog heaven.






My birthday was a pretty good day. It was a very relaxing, no frills type of birthday and that’s just how I like them. After taking Sadie back to the motel, we headed into Yreka for dinner. We ended up eating at Black Bear Diner since there aren’t very many options in Yreka. Our food was decent, but nothing special of course. Then we went back to the hotel and settled in for the night.


When I came to work on Monday my boss asked me if I feel any different and I said nope. Once you pass 21, all the birthdays are pretty much just another day. It is going to be weird when someone asks me how old I am and I say 24, especially considering most people think I’m 17, which I guess will be a good thing once I’m even older.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

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