We're Moving to Alaska!!

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On to my big, exciting news. I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity of a lifetime. It’s like my dreams are finally becoming a reality and I cannot tell you how incredible it feels.

Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve been applying to all sorts of positions in Alaska because it’s been our long-term goal to move there. I had a lot of good responses and a lot of people were really impressed by my resume, but the general consensus was, “Give us a call or come see us once you get here.” Well that doesn’t really work for us because we need and want to secure employment for at least one of us before we take the leap to move.

I did however make a great connection with a man named Tony. He said that he was extremely impressed by my resume and my professionalism. He said that the position he was hiring for at that time needed to be filled immediately, but to keep in contact with him and that perhaps closer to my graduation he’d have some openings available. So over the following months I continued to check in with him and kept the lines of communication open.

A little over a month ago, Tony emailed me and said that he didn’t have my resume right in front of him and couldn’t remember what I had experience in, but that a friend of his, who’s a Financial Advisor, was looking for some help because his Office Manager put in her notice. Coincidentally, my boss who just recently retired was a Financial Advisor and I worked for her for almost 2 years, so I have extensive experience in that industry.

I started corresponding with Jeff, the Financial Advisor friend of Tony’s, and the day that we were scheduled to have a phone interview, he emailed me and said that he had a well-qualified candidate walk into his office and he hired them on the spot. I completely understand his situation and even though I was disappointed that I never even had a chance to talk to him, I know that he needed the position filled and he had to take action.

So I just went on with life, I kept an eye out for any positions open in Alaska and I re-directed my focus on school, finals, and graduation. I was sitting at school, studying for my last final, when my phone rang and it was an Alaska area code. I thought it was a little odd and I wasn’t quite sure who it would be. When I checked my voicemail it was a woman named Kim, she said, “This is going to sound a little weird, but my boss, Wes, got your resume from a colleague and he’d like to talk to you.” So when I called her back she put me through to Wes and we ended up having an hour long conversation.

It turns out Wes got my resume from Jeff through an odd, coincidental series of events. Wes and I had a really great conversation and he said he’s really impressed by my resume, my professionalism, and my people skills. At the end of our conversation he said that he had a few more second round interviews to do, but that he’d let me know by the end of the week. I let him know I’d email him my letter of recommendation from my previous employer.

I searched high and low for my letter of recommendation, but couldn’t find it. I ended up calling my old boss to see if she still had a copy of it, I gave her Wes’ email and his phone number. The next morning she called Wes and ended up talking to him for over an hour about me. Wes called me shortly after and said, “I’ll tell you what, you have a one-woman fan club in that lady.” Which is so true, she’s definitely my biggest fan. Wes said after his conversation with me, he had called his best friend Ryan, who lives in Soldotna and is also an Edward Jones Advisor. He called Ryan to tell him about Kim putting in her notice and about the potential candidates he’d been talking with, including myself. The next morning, Marie (Ryan’s Branch Office Administrator) called Wes to let him know that she’d like to be considered for Kim’s position because she’s been considering moving to Anchorage anyway because her boyfriend lives there and she’s been commuting there to visit him.

So Wes and I threw around different possibilities and eventually he decided that if he committed to bringing Marie to Anchorage to work for him, that I’d go to Soldotna to take Marie’s position and become Ryan’s Branch Office Administrator.

Over the next few weeks I talked to Ryan about the specifics, had a phone interview with the Edward Jones home office, completed an incredibly thorough background check, had my fingerprint cards done (again, since I did them for my previous job with Ameriprise), and now I am officially an Edward Jones employee. The pay is outstanding, the benefits and bonuses are amazing, and there are so many opportunities within the company. My first day is June 29th!!!

We even already have a house!! We’ll be moving into the duplex that Marie was previously living in. Her mom was her landlord and will now be our landlord. It’s a 1200 sq ft duplex with a cute little yard. We’ll be living in Kenai and I’ll be working in Soldotna.

We leave for Alaska on Monday the 22nd!!! I’m driving the U-Haul with my car hooked to the back and J will be driving his truck with the boat and trailer hooked to it. It’s going to be such an amazing journey. It’s been our dream and long-term goal to move to Alaska, but we never thought it’d happen this soon. We’re so excited and can’t wait!!


Life Update

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I cannot believe I haven’t posted since March 27th!! Oh wait…yes I can.  My life has been so crazy, busy, and hectic that I’ve hardly had time to stop and think, let alone write a blog. I’ve missed it so much and I’m so happy I finally have a little time to catch up. I feel like I’ve lost touch with all of my blogger friends and that’s a real bummer.

Since March 27th here’s what’s happened in my life:

1)            moved to a new house

2)            started a new job

3)            graduated college

4)            been offered the most amazing opportunity of a lifetime!          

Okay so I’m sure you’re wondering about number 4, but for now I’m not going to tell you. I want to write about it in a separate, very detailed blog so you can get the full story. I know, the anticipation is killing you right? (All 2 of you that actually read my blog.)

Moving into the new house was stressful and we did it all in one weekend. My new job (which technically isn’t all that new anymore) is very fast-paced and it really keeps me busy. I’ve learned so much in such a small amount of time, the girls all tell me that they’ve never had anyone who’s not only caught on so quick, but is able to do both front and back office.

Graduating felt like having this GIGANTIC load of bricks lifted from my shoulders. I can’t believe school is over, it’s such an amazing feeling. I didn’t realize I’d be as excited as I was about it. It was biggest sense of accomplishment. The actual ceremony included over 2,000+ and was 3 freakin’ hours long!!! And just think, that was only ½ of the departments in the entire school, there was another ceremony equally as long the previous day. I’m thankful that they split the departments up, otherwise I doubt they’d have very many attendees.  Justin’s mom, his grandma, my former boss, and her husband were all there to share my day with me. Here are a few photos of me in my graduation garb:


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