Life Update

June 13, 2009 at 11:12 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I cannot believe I haven’t posted since March 27th!! Oh wait…yes I can.  My life has been so crazy, busy, and hectic that I’ve hardly had time to stop and think, let alone write a blog. I’ve missed it so much and I’m so happy I finally have a little time to catch up. I feel like I’ve lost touch with all of my blogger friends and that’s a real bummer.

Since March 27th here’s what’s happened in my life:

1)            moved to a new house

2)            started a new job

3)            graduated college

4)            been offered the most amazing opportunity of a lifetime!          

Okay so I’m sure you’re wondering about number 4, but for now I’m not going to tell you. I want to write about it in a separate, very detailed blog so you can get the full story. I know, the anticipation is killing you right? (All 2 of you that actually read my blog.)

Moving into the new house was stressful and we did it all in one weekend. My new job (which technically isn’t all that new anymore) is very fast-paced and it really keeps me busy. I’ve learned so much in such a small amount of time, the girls all tell me that they’ve never had anyone who’s not only caught on so quick, but is able to do both front and back office.

Graduating felt like having this GIGANTIC load of bricks lifted from my shoulders. I can’t believe school is over, it’s such an amazing feeling. I didn’t realize I’d be as excited as I was about it. It was biggest sense of accomplishment. The actual ceremony included over 2,000+ and was 3 freakin’ hours long!!! And just think, that was only ½ of the departments in the entire school, there was another ceremony equally as long the previous day. I’m thankful that they split the departments up, otherwise I doubt they’d have very many attendees.  Justin’s mom, his grandma, my former boss, and her husband were all there to share my day with me. Here are a few photos of me in my graduation garb:


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  1. Glad that you’re back. You have been busy! Congratulations on your graduation, can’t wait to read about what opportunities have come your way.

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