"Finally Being Home"

October 2, 2009 at 6:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Since moving to Alaska, we’ve had so much going on that it’s hard for me to find time to blog. I miss it dearly and wish I could do it more. This next month I’ll have quite a bit more time to blog, so you may be seeing more of me.

My job is going great, my boss is amazing. Here’s how amazing he is: if I locked in a start date before July 1st, even if it was June 30th, I would get all of these extra benefits. The benefits include 5 vacation days, 4 sick days, and 1 personal day. If I had started on July 1st or later I would’ve forfeited those benefits until the next calendar year. You might have read in my previous post that we arrived on June 29th around 10:30pm. The next afternoon, my boss had me come in and sign some paperwork just so we could have my official starting date as June 30th. I was only in the office for 15 minutes or so, we logged in that I worked 2 hours that day, and I was on my way. Keep in mind that this was the very first time he had ever met me face to face. How great is he? In January I’ll get 10 vacation days, 8 sick days, and 1 personal day (and the same each year, then after every 5 years I get an additional 5 vacation days added on).

My boss also gives me 2.5 hours of overtime on my timecard every week and sends me home early almost every day. Not to mention he invited J and me to their open house, where there was extremely yummy food and a bunch of tasty beers from the local breweries. Is there a better boss? I think not.

PS – He has the cutest French bulldog named none other than Gretzky of course (in case you didn’t guess it already, he’s a hockey nut, which is EXTREMELY common here in Alaska, I’m guessing because we’re close to Canada maybe? Canadians are hockey fanatics!). Gretzky immediately took a liking to J and me when we went to the open house last weekend. He jumped right up into our laps. He grunts and snorts like a pug, he’s very silly. I can’t wait to get him together with Brody. Look at him, isn’t he cute?

GretzkyLet me in!

(my boss sent me these photos from his iPhone)

On another note, since we’ve moved here a lot of new, exciting things have been going on. Through a random series of events, I decided to call a mortgage lady in town that a friend referred me to. I spoke with her for 30 minutes or so and by the end of the call we were pre-qualified for a loan!! Let me explain, when we lived in CA, we pre-qualified for a loan, but it was only for $100k; which in CA $100k pretty much gets you a single wide trailer in a mobile home park.

Long story short, WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE!! (yes I felt the need to yell because well…WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE!!) You can’t tell I’m excited or anything can you? It’s going to be so nice to finally have a house of our own. I’m so excited to be able to paint, decorate, and make it our very own. We’ve lived in 4 different houses within the last year. (sidenote-I’m so not looking forward to moving for the 4TH TIME IN A YEAR!!) Each house we lived at never truly felt like home because I never made the attempt to decorate, hang pictures, and just generally make it ours. So needless to say, I’m looking forward to “finally being home”.

Have you ever heard of the book The Brain in Love by Dr. Daniel Amen? I saw his PBS special a few weeks ago and he said that studies have found that wives of men in the military (who move constantly) go through a state of depression each time they move. He said that their depression seemed to lift after they had made new friends and put together their homes via decorating. I can definitely see where his theory is coming from. After moving 4 times in the past year, I’m definitely ready to set up our new house and be able to take a step back and look at all we’ve accomplished.

We have a house all picked out, our offer was accepted, and our official closing date is October 23rd, but we’re hopefully going to close sooner. The sellers want to close ASAP and our loan ladies have been saying probably a week or two early. I almost didn’t want to post a blog about it yet (for fear of jinxing the entire thing), but I’m just too damn excited to keep this bottled up anymore.

Did I mention we’ll get the $8,000 tax rebate for buying a house this year? Heck yes! Our plan is to use the money to pay down our debts and then we’ll be that much close to being able to afford a wedding, woohoo!! It’s all coming together for us and I can’t even describe to you the feeling.

Tune in for a blog with photos of the new house. I already have them, but I’m holding off until we close and everything is finalized. The suspense is killing you isn’t it? 😉

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  1. 1. Your boss is all kinds of awesome. Especially because he’s got a cute pup.
    2. A HOUSE?!?! Wow! That’s a great move! I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

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