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This is Brody…

6/17/08 - 5 months old

I’ve been meaning to post about him for some time now because…well…he’s my baby, my sidekick, and a major source of laughter and enjoyment in our house. As I was just typing that sentence he decided to climb cross the bed and stand on my chest, as if he knew I was writing about him.

This is Brody at 3 weeks old.  That was on 2/6/2008 (the day before my birthday).

2/6/08 -  3 weeks oldbaby Brody

I’ll have to tell the story behind how we got Brody in another post, it’s a sad story, but everything happens for a reason.

Baby Brody, snuggling with dad.

snugglin' w/ dad

He likes to lay in this position all of the time. (He snuggles in behind your knees while you’re laying on the couch and then rests his head, staring at you and eventually falling asleep.)

layin' on mom

Is this not the cutest dog EVER?!?!

silly smileposin' in the grassloungin' in the shade

We take him wherever we go. He LOVES to go camping with us. I especially love the one where the shutter on my camera freaked out and it almost looks as if he’s staring at it, I couldn’t have even planned that, that’s one of those photos that just magically happens.

1st time campingI see it!waitin' for dadexploring w/ mom

Last Christmas we went to J’s grandma’s for the day. Brody thought the whole process of opening presents was the oddest thing in the world. He sat in awe, trying to figure out what was going on. He also found the Christmas tree fascinating.

watching' in aweChristmas tree

He also sits on his butt from time to time, especially when you have something he wants. It’s hard not to smile or laugh when he does it, it’s just too cute. But of course, in the true nature of a dachshund he won’t do it when you tell/ask him to.

give me your foodbooty sittin'

I’ll frequently find him snuggled up to J and in the oddest positions.  

lovin' dad

He’s so incredibly snuggly. If you’ve ever had a dachshund or even had a friend that did, you’d know that they love to burrow and snuggle. It’s part of their nature, believe it or not they were bred to hunt badgers and weasels, so they like to dig and make tunnels, as well as liking to sleep in small confined spaces.

silly Boosnuggled upsnuggly Boo

Did I mention that I walked him in a weenie parade? Only a few weeks after we arrived in Alaska, I walked Brody in the local, annual parade. There’s a section of the parade called none other than Weenies on Parade. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Weenies on Paradeparade girls

You can also check out Weenies on Parade.

Brody likes long walks on the beach…

searchingponderingbeach day

No, but seriously, he does love the beach. He even met a girl weenie dog that day.

We rarely ever call him Brody. He has so many nicknames it’s ridiculous. Some of which include Boo, Ja-Boo (just like it sounds), Monkey Moo, Monkey Man, Stinky, Stinky Boo, and the list goes on and on.

Brody never ceases to make us laugh. Dachshunds are characters, each one so different. The more you laugh the more they try to do crazy things to make you laugh. Whenever I’m having a bad day or when I’m upset about something, he always seems to know and knows just how to cheer me up or console me. I know it sounds silly since he’s a dog, but I’m a firm believer in the fact that pets are part of the family too. He’s my baby, my buddy, my shadow, and my companion. Besides, who couldn’t love a face like this…


PS – The title of this blog is actually Brody’s full registered name (in case you were wondering).


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  1. Adorable!

    You know, there’s this blog I’m sure you’ll LOVE and that you can find HERE :

    I’m pretty sure with all the stories you have, you could very well be a part of the project!

  2. he looks like riley!!!


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