Pick Five Friday – Vol. 1 Issue 1

December 18, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

For awhile now I’ve had this idea for a fun post to put up regularly in order to increase awareness of my blog. It’s still a work-in-progress so don’t judge too harshly and any comments or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Welcome to PICK FIVE FRIDAY. The plan is to start out having it the 3rd Friday of every month. I figure once a month isn’t too difficult and that way it’s still fun without killing myself trying to find items every single week (thus making it tedious and NOT fun).

For each Pick Five Friday I’ll be picking 5 particular items to talk to you about, one from each category. The categories are:






The items aren’t necessarily going to be new or innovative, just things I think are noteworthy (or blogworthy I guess I should say). So without further ado, I present to you PICK FIVE FRIDAY:


This week’s blog is written by none other than my friend Sizzle. Her blog is actually one of the very first blogs I ever read and fell in love with. Her stories of Seattle living, apartment managing, relationship navigating, and general life advice are ones that we can all relate to. I just love the hilarious names she gives people (so as to protect their identities) and I also love her insane sense of humor. I give you Miss Sizzle at Sizzle Says:

Sizzle Says


I actually found this website through my good blogger friend Jenn (she’s always got the inside scoop on new and upcoming stuff). One of her many re-tweets brought me to the site and I was immediately intrigued. I’ve since been corresponding with James Moreau in order to learn more about Brazen Careerist. Which is an ingenious career management site where you can post your resume, connect with other members with similar goals (or not-so-similar if you so choose), and do some serious social networking in order to get your name out there. Check it out!


Have you ever used POUNCE to search on Etsy? If not, then you absolutely should, it’s quite enjoyable. You can tell it to find shops for items that just sold or undiscovered shops. One day when I was pouncing, I came across a shop called Colormutts. Colormutts sells these fantastic paintings of dogs that are so colorful and fun. You can even have her custom make one of your very own dog. How cute is this guy?



A few weeks ago James Moreau re-tweeted a link to an article about an interesting new gadget. I don’t know if it’s technically a gadget, but I thought it was a pretty cool idea. It’s one of those things that makes you go, “Wish I would’ve thought of that. I could’ve been rich!” They’re called TruePower and they’re these new power outlets that have USB outlets in them. Such a simple upgrade to a regular power outlet, yet it makes it so much more versatile. What will they think of next?

True Power Outlet


In the spirit of the holidays and all that is wonderfully yummy, I decided this month’s recipe should be my very favorite holiday season treat. Every year Starbuck’s used to have Andes’ Mint Brownies that were oh-so-scrumscious, but a few years ago they discontinued them. I absolutely hate when a place stops making your favorite thing, whether it’s a favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite shampoo, or whatever it may be it’s just utterly irritating to find out that something you love has been discontinued (word to companies – STOP DOING THIS). Anyway, last year I found this copycat recipe for Andes’ Mint Brownies. I made two or three batches of them and took them to J’s grandma’s house for Christmas. Everyone loved them. I used chocolate frosting from the can last year just because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of melting chocolate and all of that. I made one batch with green frosting and one with red, but you could use whatever color you like. You also don’t have to chop up the Andes’ mints because in the baking section they sell bags of Andes’ mint pieces (just like chocolate chips are sold).

Ande's Mint Brownies

So that’s it for the first edition of PICK FIVE FRIDAY. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for some items you’d like to see on here. You never know, one day YOU just might be one of the five!


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  1. Omg I LOVE that USB outlet! I saw it floating around the blogosphere a while ago. Thanks for reposting it. Ah it’s too late to add that to my Christmas list isn’t it? Damn.

  2. I’ve made the andes mint brownies several times, they are always a crowd pleaser.

  3. Yeah, good idea. Always fun to see what is out there and to be able to access it in a click!
    Thanks for allowing me in your debut.

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