Birthday Weekend

February 18, 2010 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’ve been a little MIA from my blog lately for many different reasons. The 7th was my 25th birthday and the night before J threw a dinner party for me and it was great! We had 15 people total. Everyone lived the house and loved J’s enchiladas. It felt like the first “real” birthday I’ve had in years, it was nice to spend it with some of our new friends here.

My boss bought me a $25 gift card for a local book store! It was too nice of him, now I have to figure out what books I’m going to buy. I usually only like to spend money on books when I know they’re going to be really good books that I’ll want to hang on to.

On my actual birthday J had to work, so I spent the day lounging in my pj’s, catching up on my TV shows, and snuggling with Brody. When J got home he surprised me with a Wii!! I have been talking about buying one for 6 months now and he kept acting as if he wasn’t getting me anything for my birthday. We played Wii every night for the first week or so and my arm was sore at first from all of the action. I just love it when I beat him at bowling, it’s a nice little ego boost.

The dogs are actually a little afraid of the Wii and it’s quite entertaining, I must admit. Whenever we get it out Brody will hide in his hole behind the couch and Sadie cowers her head and lays down somewhere out of the way. It’s as if they think we’re going to throw the remote at then or something. I feel bad, but I also can’t help but laugh.

All in all it was an amazing birthday weekend. I can’t believe I’m already 25, where has the time gone?!

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