Pick Five Fridays Vol. 1 Issue 3

February 19, 2010 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments


This month’s blog is one of my very favorite blogs that I just so happen to be a contributor for, Who’s Your Dachshund? WYD is exactly what you would expect from the name, a group of dachshund owners writing about our wonderful-yet-sometimes-frustrating relationships with our beloved, long, short-legged children. All our writing styles are so different and unique, just like our dachshunds. We’re coming up on our 500th post, pretty exciting, and Ben has some awesome stuff in store for post number 500.

Who's Your Dachshund?


I chose Alice.com for this month’s website. Alice is a new website that will do your pesky shopping for you. You can buy all of your household items including shampoo, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. Alice offers price comparisons so you can see if they’re cheaper than a competitor, automatic coupons, and FREE SHIPPING to boot! No wonder they say, “Everyone needs an Alice!”



I found this amazing Etsy shop on the home page today. KittyRogers has these beautiful prints that I could totally see in Kerri’s house, they’re just so her style. The prints are reasonably priced too so even someone on a budget (like me) could afford to buy a few. If anyone’s feeling extra generous, feel free to buy me a print or two, here are some of my favorites (but I love almost all of them):

KittyRogers Photo #1KittyRogers Photo #3KittyRogers Photo #2


I know we’re all guilty of leaving our cell phones and other devices plugged in, even after they’ve been fully charged. This gadget is an awesome energy saver. The Leech Plug unplugs itself once your device is fully charged in order to save energy and keep your electric bill down. It’s not available for sale yet, but even so it’s a brilliant idea.

Leech Plug


A couple of weeks ago I made this cheesy nacho bake and it ended up being incredibly good, I was presently surprised. I used 1 ½ lb of ground beef and I substituted my favorite TOSTITOS® Hint of Lime chips. J and I loved them and we ate almost the entire dish that night. Word to the wise, they’re not so good the next day.

cheesy nacho bake


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  1. Awww thanks for featuring the ole dog blog! Happy to have you on board.

  2. I love this idea! I think I’m going to start borrowing it. I come across such great stuff online and this seems like the best way I’ve seen to share it.

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