I’d rather be fishing…

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I’m sure many of you have found yourself wondering, “What exactly do people do in Alaska?” Well does this answer your question:

nice silver!

my first pink

Now, that’s not to say that everyone in Alaska fishes, that’s a misconception, they definitely do not. In fact, my boss, who was born here and has lived here nearly all of his life, doesn’t fish. He’s been fishing before of course and goes on a rare occasion, but when I tell you that we fish I sure as hell mean it. I mean we FISH. Some people call us fishing fools, fishing fanatics, or fishing addicts (“Hello, my name is Kristin, this is my fiancé Justin, and we’re fish-aholics.” Everyone in unison now, “Hi Kristin, hi Justin!”

day fishing

fishin' fools

If I told you we put well over 100 reds in our boat during red season this year would you believe me? How about some pictures to prove it?

my first red
red fishin'
the boys and our catch

If I told you that we put over 75 silvers in the boat, in only a little over a month, would you believe me? Well here’s some more proof (By the way, our goal was 100 silvers, ambitious? Probably, but we almost made our goal. We ended up coming in at 89 silvers for the year.)

a buck and a hen

biggest silver of the season

So you see, when I say we fish, I don’t just mean we like to fish leisurely on our weekends. I mean every day when J gets off work, he’s on the river, line in the water, in less than an hour. Then as soon as I’m off work, he picks me up at the boat dock and we fish until dark (which as you may or may not know, dark doesn’t really exist in Alaska for most of the summer).

June 21st is summer solstice, the longest day of the year. With dawn at 2:12am and dusk at 2:01am, that’s 23 hours and 49 minutes of light….translation: it’s the longest fishing day of the year!!  What did we do until midnight that night? Fished of course!

Do you want to know how sick our addiction really is? Believe it or not, I originally drafted this post back in October, while sitting on the boat, thumbing on my iPhone, waiting for a bite on my line. How’s that for impressive?

We ended up taking a lot of people out in our boat this year. We took out a friend of ours’ kids and they had a blast. We also took my boss’ son fishing, it was his first time fishing and he had a blast. Whenever we take other people’s kids fishing and they have so much fun, they always ask if they can go again next time. When they ask to go again, I always tell J, “Here these kids are, dying to go fishing and I bet you anything, when we have kids,  our kids are going to be complaining, ‘Ugh!! Do we have to go fishing AGAIN?!'” J of course says, “No way, our kids are going to love fishing!” I guess only time will tell.

Using my vacation days to get up at the butt crack of dawn and fish all day, might seem a little crazy to some people. I do have to admit that there are some mornings when I drag myself out of bed, just wanting to curl up and go back to sleep, and think to myself, “Am I crazy or what?” But then, as I’m sitting on the boat, snuggled up next to our heater, while the rest of the world is still curled up in bed, asleep, I see amazing sunrises like these and I’m reminded why I love early morning fishing so much:

Kenai Sunrise

Early Morning Sky

And I dont think there’s a person in the world that couldn’t appreciate sunsets like these:

Kenai Sunset

By the end of fishing season, we do get pretty fished out, especially with how cold it gets in October. We have a buddy heater that we take with us and let me tell you what, it comes in quite handy on those cold fishing trips. Whenever I have days where I don’t feel like fishing or I’m feeling “fished out”, I always remind myself that come winter, I’m going to be longing for the never-ending days of summer, the warmth of the sun on my face, and a fish fighting on my line. Sitting here, in the dead of the Alaskan winter, I can definitely tell you for a fact, I’d rather be fishing. 🙂

Sidenote – How cute and ridiculously silly is my fiancé?
silly boy

what a ham!


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  1. I *love* the sunset photo in this post, how green everything looks, the water… yeah, I really can’t wait to come to Alaska someday! It’s on my 30 before 30 list so it has to happen 🙂

    • Come visit!! Seriously, you absolutely have to! Alaska is amazing, there are literally so many days when I look up at the sky and it’s as if I’m living in a dream or looking at a painting or photograph. Come visit and we’ll take you fishing and sightseeing. 🙂

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