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A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar…JUST KIDDING!!

So, as can be expected, I am back to debating going blonde again. I do this from time to time, as I did back in October of 2008, when I finally decided to take the leap and go back to red (from blonde).

People are always asking me what color I want my hair to be for the wedding and for awhile now I was sure I wanted to stay red, but now I’m not quite so sure. I have friends that tell me they love the red and I have friends that tell me they love the blonde. Some of them tell me that the red compliments my skin tone, eyes, and complexion so well and the common blonde comment is, “You were HOT as a blonde!” A friend of mine told me the other day, “You should definitely go blonde for the wedding, you were a gorgeous blonde!” Of course when people say that, it plants a seed in your brain and also makes you feel pretty good, but I have the hardest time with compliments.

J always tries to play Switzerland and tells me, “They both look great, whatever you want honey.” But I know for a fact that he prefers blonde. A few weeks ago, I got home from work and he said to me, “You know, I was looking at our old photos on the wall and you really were one HOT blonde! You should go back blonde. Not that you’re not hot now of course because I love your hair any color.” Do you like how he tries to cover his you-know-what at the end?

I really can’t decide what color I want it to be for the wedding and I seriously need to decide, considering the wedding is less than 6 months away! I love both red and blonde for different reasons. Red is pretty close to my natural color, my natural color is an auburn with tons of red highlights in it. This is probably the closest to my natural color I’ve been since high school:


Blonde is so much fun, it’s a TON of upkeep and it gets expensive, but I definitely love being blonde. Even my wedding photographer (who’s also a very close friend of mine) told me she thinks I should go blonde for the wedding. Which came as a surprise to me because when we had initially discussed our wedding, she told me, “I’ve been dying to shoot a redheaded bride!”

I’m almost positive I’m ready to go back blonde, but I figured I’d post a few photos and get some of your opinions, perhaps to push me over the fence.


winter scarvesfishin' w/ the boyssummer daysblondeblondie


waitin' for a biteit makes no sense at all, I saw red

And I’ll throw in a brunette photo for good measure:


Whatcha think?? Blond or red?

(I originally tried to post larger photos in this post, but then I realized that’s a whole lot of my GIANT face! Haha!! So if the photos aren’t quite large enough for you to see, feel free to click on them to see the larger version.)


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  1. gosh you are so pretty & a rare person who can totally pull off each colour!

    I am partial to blondes though since i am blonde. That’s my vote 🙂

  2. hmm that’s tough, you are lucky you can pull of all the colors. I’m partial to red but if you chose blonde i could see why 🙂

  3. I think either look great, but I’m really loving the red. The red is such a contrast from the light blonde (along with a white/ivory dress and veil) and would look amazing for a late summer/early fall wedding. I like the color in the pic with the lake behind you the best.

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