Lackey Fever

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Nearly two weekends ago, I tuned in to watch the Taking Care of Business with Tamara Lackey workshop on CreativeLIVE. To say that I was inspired by Tamara Lackey and her in-studio audience, would be an extreme understatement.

Here are a few tidbits I took away from the amazing photographers that joined Tamara:

Courtney Jade – First of all, her submission video? AH-DORABLE!! Her photography? INCREDIBLE!! But to add in her bubbly, upbeat personality, just sends you over the top and made me want to go to lunch/coffee with her…every day, so we can talk about photography for hours on end. The fact that she’s still working full time AND running her photography business really spoke to me, since I’m working full time and at the VERY early stages of starting a photography business. She’s proof that it can be done.

Erika Monaco – She is definitely the one I looked to as my “future” so to speak. Since J and I just got married (last month) and want to start a family in the next year, I found myself drawn to Erika; since she’s not only managing her photography business, but chasing around a newborn as well. Hence the incredible eye for newborn photography.

Jesse Clements – Professing your undying love for your wife on CreativeLIVE, kudos and brownie points to you mister! I think all the women watching at home sighed and had that “Awwww!!” moment. You know, the moment during a movie where the guy says something super sweet about the girl and all the women in the theater swoon, “Awww!!” Yea, I totally had that moment, thanks to Jesse.

Carolyn Ann Ryan – What a world of knowledge this woman is, I’m so glad she was willing to share all of it with the rest of us. I had to fight back the tears when she shared her story about her daughter and how she can relate to the desperate desire to be liked as a child. Don’t we all know that feeling? If only we could talk to our 6, 10, 15 year old selves and tell them, “You’re cool, just the way you are! Don’t let them get to you!”

Kellianna Wirth – A girl after my very own heart, with her snazzy hat. I’m such a sucker for hats. Tamara mentioned in this post, that you were anxious about creating your video, putting yourself and your business out there. Well girl, you did it and you did it FABULOUSLY!! I absolutely love this line from Tamara’s post: After this weekend I have decided to banish the word anxiety from my brain. It no longer exists. I don’t need it or want it. I need to follow your lead and live by these words.

Donovan Fannon – Ugh! This guy! I feel for you Donovan, your own self-doubt is the same thing I struggle with day in and day out. BUT I think that after this workshop, you’ve learned to believe in yourself, what you do, and what you’re creating. I just loved your post about the workshop, your words still stick with me, so I’d like to share them here: “I will no longer wait for inspiration or opportunity to fall into my lap. I will actively seek to grow, understand my vision and act according to the value in my work and experiences, not in spite of them. I will hit the ground running and make certain that I view the course with vigilance, but never allow the inevitable stumbles to stop me dead in my tracks.” I need these words to be my new, daily mantra.

As for Tamara

Tamara is one of the most genuine, honest, kind-hearted people I’ve ever “met”. (Although I’ve only seen her online, I would LOVE to meet her in person. Here’s one of the very few times, I hate living in Alaska. I honestly LOVE living here, but I hate that we’re so far away from any of the big events like WPPI, workshops, blogger events, etc. Not to mention how expensive flights from Alaska are, sigh…but I wouldn’t trade living in Alaska for anything.) And the fact that she replied to me, multiple times, on Twitter?!?! I nearly screamed like a 12 year old girl and fainted. Yes…I have what I’m dubbing, Lackey Fever. Is there a nail polish in the works? Perhaps.

I digress…Tamara is so incredibly inspiring, her workshop was exactly what I needed at this moment in time. I’m constantly second guessing and doubting my dream to be a photographer. When she brought up the topic of “Why are you waiting?” basically asking why are you waiting to put yourself out there, stop making excuses like not having a web page, not having a logo, not having enough photos yet…this really struck home with me. Why AM I waiting? I’m just scared, I’m letting my fear take over.

No more of that, I’m done. Fear, be gone!

I’ve gotten such an overwhelmingly positive response from the people I’ve shared my photography with, but why am I so surprised at that? Why am I so shocked when other photographers, even well known photographers, tell me how great my work is? Just last night I shared some of my photos with a friend of mine that I’ve known since high school, who’s a professional photographer back in California. She kept telling me, “Wow!! OMG!! These are seriously awesome!!” My response?? “Really?!?!?”

I’m honestly always so shocked when other photographers tell me how great my work is, it’s like I don’t believe them. Why do I keep doubting myself? I need to just tackle my fear head on and OWN my photography. Because you know what? I’ve never been so proud of something in my whole life. Seriously. I had this discussion with J the other day, I’ve never felt this proud of something or had this feeling like I was meant to do something. I was soooo incredibly nervous when I had my first solo portrait/maternity shoot back in July (that I still need to post to the blog), but during the shoot I had so much fun! After the shoot, looking at the photos, I had this overwhelming sense of, “Yep, this is what I was meant to do.” Words don’t even describe it.

So what are my plans for the future? Well let’s see, I’m in the process of having a logo designed, I’m ready to make the transition to my new domain name (instead of this WordPress one), and to get my blog more focused on photography. Of course I’ll still be sharing my Alaskan adventures, I know you’re probably just dying for more fishing photos. 😉 I have some more shoots in the works, I’ll be posting some of my photos from the weddings I’ve second shot over the summer and I’d love any and all feedback you guys are willing to give me. I’m looking into buying a business license, after the first of the year, and really making things “official”. I’m putting together a price list and packages, so I can start charging people for my work (which is seriously a huge leap to me, maybe I’m making it out to be bigger in my head than it should be or is).

I owe all of this newfound inspiration to Tamara, her in-studio audience of photograhers, and CreativeLIVE. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Oooo and did I mention I even won a giveaway from the workshop?!?! I won this ever fabulous Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography – Gift Box Set. I cannot wait to sit and watch the video and dive into the book. Even more knowledge and inspiration for me to soak up, like a sponge.

I’ll leave you with a clip of the quote, that won me the giveaway. Thanks again Tamara, CreativeLIVE, and all of the amazing photographers that were part of the workshop!

“Nobody else can tell you what you’re capable of, what you can do, what you can become, nobody has the right!” – Tamara Lackey


Our Wedding Invitations

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Okay, so I know this a little backwards, BUT this is my blog, so what I say goes! Hehe…no but really, I wanted to share our amazing wedding invitations that were designed by the lovely couple behind Mango Ink. Thanks guys! Loved working with you!

wedding invitations

We’re married!!!!

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And we’re pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. 🙂

we're married!!!

train love

Just wanted to put up a quick post, I’ll write more later. Our day was amazing, magical, everything we could’ve ever dreamed of and MORE!

A (Much Needed) Life Update

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I know…I know…I’m a bad blogger. Sue me. Ha! KIDDING!

No, but in all seriousness, I don’t blog enough. I always have all of these blog post ideas swirling around in my head, but I never take the time to sit and write them out. Summers are crazy around here, this summer especially. On this summer’s agenda (even though it’s already more than 1/2 over, ugh!):

1) Fish, fish, and fish some more (nothing new here)
2) Plan a wedding
3) Second shoot weddings like crazy
4) Get our house ready for J’s mom and grandma to visit
5) Work 40+ hours a week
6) Somehow work in solo photo shoots for practice
7) BLOG MORE! (yes, this warrants ALL CAPS, bolding, italics, AND underlining)

…and the list goes on and on. All while still maintaining the regular stuff like eating, sleeping (which rarely amounts to more than 4 hours a night during fishing season), doing laundry, feeding our dogs (who are beginning to think we’ve abandoned them), and other necessary parts of everyday life.

SOOO many amazing things have happened since I last blogged, but since you probably have better things to do with your Friday than sit and read a 20 page essay, let’s sum things up:

– Assisted the lovely Jaime Clapp, with a beautiful wedding on the bluff, in Homer.
– Finally took the leap and bought my own domain name (more on that to come).
– Had our engagement shoot with my photography soul mate, Jaime Clapp (love you Jaime!)
– Applied for a photography scholarship through the local community college.

– Scored my very first second shooting gig with Shawna Shields of Narrow Road Productions (it was a huge wedding with all sorts of fabulousness).
– Made my first REAL lens purchase and fell madly in love with my new (to me at least) Canon 28-70 f/2.8L.
– Shot my very first maternity session (also my first portrait session EVER!)
– Had some incredibly amazing chats with the ever-inspiring Candice Benjamin via Facebook.

– Fished, nearly every day of the week and weekend.
– Had an amazing weekend, camping and dip netting in Kasilof.
– Scouted photo shoot locations for our wedding, in Seward, with Jaime Clapp.
– Had a much needed girls night of dinner and a movie with Jaime Clapp.
– Second shot an incredible, Girdwood wedding with Jaime Clapp.
(geez, this makes it look like July was the month of Jaime, haha! All of those last three happened in the same weekend, so I guess it was a weekend of Jaime. 🙂 )

All of this while working 40+ hours a week, planning a wedding, fishing nearly every day, taking multiple (and I mean at least 10, if not more) people fishing for their first time, and having a semi-normal social life. WHEW!! I’m tired just from typing all of that.

There are SO many more amazing things to come too:

1 ) Second shooting another wedding with Shawna on August 6th.
2 ) Shooting a newborn portrait session (follow up from my maternity session I did in June)
3 ) Seeing J’s mom and grandma for the first time in 2 years (we haven’t seen them since we moved here), when they come to visit for the wedding.
5 ) Taking a mini honeymoon, driving all over Alaska for a few days.
6 ) Applying for Season 5 of Stratejoy (can we say nervous?!)
7 ) Launching and moving everything over to my new “photography” blog (seriously anxious about this one)
8 ) Setting up more portrait sessions, once the wedding craziness is over.

…and I’m sure there are a million more things I’m forgetting.

Stay tuned for more updates and a whole new blog!!! 🙂

And because every post is better with a photo, here’s a blurry iPhone photo from last night’s fishing adventure:

Another night on the Kenai...

Getting Personal

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In an effort to stay inspired, I’ve been reaching out to some of the amazing photographers that inspire me and you wouldn’t believe the responses I’m getting. I guess I never realized how incredibly personable some photographers can be, now that’s not to say that they are all that way, but the best ones are of course. 😉

Candice Benjamin is an AMAZING photographer in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. I first found out about her and Ashley Goodwin, when they were part of Jasmine Star’s CreativeLIVE Workshop and I’ve been in love with both of them ever since. After a few shout outs to Candice via Twitter, she told me to send her some of my second shooting questions for a post she was planning to write. Boy was that a mistake, her inbox was soon taken over by my GIANT email, but guess what?! To my surprise, she actually wrote me back! You can’t even fathom the excitement that ensued, when I opened my inbox and an email from Candice Benjamin was sitting there. On top of that?? She mentioned me…IN HER BLOG!! I die.

Ashley Goodwin, you’re incredible, ’nuff said. No, but seriously, I know I said it before, but I can see so much of myself and my desire to be creative in Ashley. The post she wrote today? Ridiculous! (in a good way of course) She’s out there, taking risks, going after her dreams, and simply putting herself out there, which is what I strive for in my life and I think everyone should. When she saw mine and Candice’s tweets regarding second shooting, she wanted in on the questions I asked, so I sent them over to her. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she actually emailed me back! Emails from both Candice and Ashley in my inbox?? Highlight of my MONTH! I digress. One of the emails that Ashley sent me was SOO incredibly sweet, thoughtful, sincere, genuine, and personal, that it stopped me in my tracks. I was sincerely honored that she took the time to send me such a detailed, compassionate email.

Rachel Martino is an unbelievably talented photographer who owns Hello, Gorgeous Photography in Cape May, New Jersey. I was actually given her name by one of my fellow 20 Something Blogger Team Members. After a few shout outs to Rachel via Twitter, we moved to emailing and eventually to chatting. When I emailed her my 5 billion questions, (no for reals, there were a ton) she wrote me back an even longer email! I loved it! Our daily chats about life, photography, and just generally random stuff are so much fun and I am so thankful to have “met” such a genuinely kind-hearted person, not to mention a crazy awesome photographer!

What’s the point of this post? To talk about how inconceivably amazing Candice, Ashley, and Rachel are..DUH!! The point of my post is that there are people out there willing to help, willing to answer questions, and willing to lend a hand if you just ask. Ask questions. It’s simple. Put yourself out there. That’s what I’m doing, what’s the worst that will happen? They say no, or don’t respond. So what? I asked some questions and guess what? Candice, Ashley, and Rachel were all incredibly kind in not only answering them, but sharing their stories with me and letting me know I’m not alone.

That’s what means the most to me in this world, relating to one another, knowing that someone is going through or has gone through a similar situation. The fact that these women chose not only to share their personal stories with me, but to give me advice and guidance on where to go next, means the world to me. Thanks ladies!

pink lilly

(this is a photo I took that actually won a local photography contest back in CA)

STAY Inspired!

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I have this burning itch (no internet, not that kind, eww you sicko!). It’s this desire to do something, to be something, to accomplish more. I’ve always felt like I was meant for so much more.

I am constantly finding things that truly inspire me, that make me want to take action and put myself out there.

Things that are currently inspiring me:

1) Jasmine Star – J* is AMAZING to say the least. I already knew that from reading her blog, stalking her website/twitter/facebook, and just generally being obsessed with her. But her CreativeLIVE workshop this past weekend took my insane obsession to an entirely new level. She is awe-inspiring, her courage is so motivating, she makes me want to grab my camera and chase after my life-long dream of being a photographer.

2) Jaime Clapp – Jaime has become one of my closest friends over the past year or so. Our friendship developed through emails, texts, and facebook chats; after I originally emailed her, professing my love for her photography. She’s photographing our wedding this August and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only is she an incredible photographer, she has the biggest heart and sweetest personality of anyone I know. Every time we have one of our deep, text conversations, it makes my week. Hell, who am I kidding? It makes my month! 

3) Ashley Goodwin – I happened upon Ashley, and all her fabulousness, when I saw her attending Jasmine Star’s CreativeLIVE workshop. I was instantly drawn to her. I kept thinking to myself, “She sounds so much like me.” She was asking all of the same sorts of questions I would’ve asked and I could see that drive, that deep desire in her, that I have in me. She gets it, she wants it, and now she wants to go out and create it for herself. When I checked out her blog and her website, it was all over. I was even more madly obsessed with her and her photography.

I’m realizing a common theme here, are you? All of my inspirations come from photography. It’s no surprise to me, considering I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 8 years old.

I’ve always thought about pursuing a career in photography, but I guess it’s the fear that gets to me. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of people not liking my work. But why? Why do I let the fear and the negative self-talk deter me?

I’ve actually gotten some awesome feedback from some of the local photography professors and photographer’s guilds in our area. One professor told me, “Your photos show me that you have some real talent and a good eye that just needs some encouragement and to be developed in the right direction.” Getting that, among other compliments, in an email really made my day.

People always say there are thousands of photographers out there, they say photographers don’t make any money. Well there may be thousands of photographers, but there’s only one ME. Just like there’s only one Jasmine Star, one Jaime Clapp, and one Ashley Goodwin. And who cares about the money, at this point I’m not going to be in it to make money. Sure it’d be really nice to make money doing it, but I can’t afford to just quit my extremely well paying day job. Not with a mortgage, bills, a student loan, and a wedding to pay for.

What’s the scary part? I’m a planner. Which of course drives J crazy, he’s constantly telling me that I need to just relax and he wonders why I can’t just settle in to anything? He says I’m always on to the next thing. I’m definitely all about goals, I’m an extremely goal-oriented person. (Hell, it’s how we fulfilled our pipe dream of moving to Alaska!) So the “unknown” of jumping into photography and whether I’ll be any good at it or be able to make any money is part of the scary ,”unknown” for me, I guess. I can’t “plan” that part and have a game plan in place. All I can do is try, practice, and see how things go.

I’m also such an overplanner, that when I think I about getting into photography, my mind immediately jumps to what my web address will be, what my logo will look like, how I want my website designed, and I tend to put the cart before the horse so to speak. I need to stop thinking so big, so far ahead, and just focus on the here and now.

For me, for now, I think the most important part is to remember to stay inspired. I get so inspired and fired up after watching people pursue their dreams, regardless of the risk. I’m like “Let’s go! Let’s do this! I’m ready!” But why do I let my own negative self-talk overshadow my drive to follow my dreams? Why do let my inspiredness (yes I just made that word up, what of it?) fade and wane? Stop being so scared Kristin. So what if you try it out and it just winds up being a hobby? What do you have to lose? You’ll only gain more knowledge and you know how utterly addicted you are to learning new things, it’s like your own personal drug.

So here’s me, making a commitment to get out there, get shooting, practice, practice, practice, and practice some more. I’ve already started networking with other photographers about the potential to second shoot, so we’ll see where that takes me. I’m also planning to apply for a scholarship through the local art guild, to help pay for some photography classes. To say I’m excited about the idea of it all, would be an understatement.

Note to self: STAY inspired!


(this is one of the photos I showed to a member of the local photographer’s guild, it was his favorite, he even called it the best in show!)

A Wild Ride

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Back in October, something completely unexpected happened. When I left for work that morning, I never expected the day to pan out the way it did.

On October 19th, 2010, I was making my daily trek to work, (it’s about a 15-20 min drive, depending on the traffic and weather) when I hit a patch of black ice and ended up totaling my car. I was coming down a small hill, when I hit a patch of black ice that sent me barreling across two lanes of oncoming traffic, I did a 180, and wound up smashing into an embankment.

my landing

Prior to this incident, I’d never been in a car accident in my life. I was rear ended at a stop light a few years ago, but other than being a little shook up, there wasn’t much damage to either vehicle. This time, things were completely different.

ripped bumperdamage

I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes, but I did see a parade of blurry headlights, careening at me, as I slid across the lanes of oncoming traffic. Needless to say, I was a bit shaken up for a few days. Luckily, I didn’t hit anyone and no one hit me. I wasn’t injured, I just had a sore back for a few days, but to this day (6 months later) I still get a queasy feeling in my stomach when I get to the top of that hill.

The silver lining? The positive side to totaling my car? I did get this beauty out of the deal.

stock photo

interiorbird's eye

It’s a 2011 Toyota 4Runner (we’re definitely a Toyota family) and I couldn’t love her more. I’ve never been one to name my vehicles or give them a “gender” so to speak, but the other day when we were at the dealership (getting the 5,000 mile check up) and J kept saying, “She’s getting a bath.” or “She’s just about done.” I found myself thinking, “She? Really? Well…I guess that kinda fits.”

Isn’t she sexy?

sweet ride!


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A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walk into a bar…JUST KIDDING!!

So, as can be expected, I am back to debating going blonde again. I do this from time to time, as I did back in October of 2008, when I finally decided to take the leap and go back to red (from blonde).

People are always asking me what color I want my hair to be for the wedding and for awhile now I was sure I wanted to stay red, but now I’m not quite so sure. I have friends that tell me they love the red and I have friends that tell me they love the blonde. Some of them tell me that the red compliments my skin tone, eyes, and complexion so well and the common blonde comment is, “You were HOT as a blonde!” A friend of mine told me the other day, “You should definitely go blonde for the wedding, you were a gorgeous blonde!” Of course when people say that, it plants a seed in your brain and also makes you feel pretty good, but I have the hardest time with compliments.

J always tries to play Switzerland and tells me, “They both look great, whatever you want honey.” But I know for a fact that he prefers blonde. A few weeks ago, I got home from work and he said to me, “You know, I was looking at our old photos on the wall and you really were one HOT blonde! You should go back blonde. Not that you’re not hot now of course because I love your hair any color.” Do you like how he tries to cover his you-know-what at the end?

I really can’t decide what color I want it to be for the wedding and I seriously need to decide, considering the wedding is less than 6 months away! I love both red and blonde for different reasons. Red is pretty close to my natural color, my natural color is an auburn with tons of red highlights in it. This is probably the closest to my natural color I’ve been since high school:


Blonde is so much fun, it’s a TON of upkeep and it gets expensive, but I definitely love being blonde. Even my wedding photographer (who’s also a very close friend of mine) told me she thinks I should go blonde for the wedding. Which came as a surprise to me because when we had initially discussed our wedding, she told me, “I’ve been dying to shoot a redheaded bride!”

I’m almost positive I’m ready to go back blonde, but I figured I’d post a few photos and get some of your opinions, perhaps to push me over the fence.


winter scarvesfishin' w/ the boyssummer daysblondeblondie


waitin' for a biteit makes no sense at all, I saw red

And I’ll throw in a brunette photo for good measure:


Whatcha think?? Blond or red?

(I originally tried to post larger photos in this post, but then I realized that’s a whole lot of my GIANT face! Haha!! So if the photos aren’t quite large enough for you to see, feel free to click on them to see the larger version.)

I’d rather be fishing…

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I’m sure many of you have found yourself wondering, “What exactly do people do in Alaska?” Well does this answer your question:

nice silver!

my first pink

Now, that’s not to say that everyone in Alaska fishes, that’s a misconception, they definitely do not. In fact, my boss, who was born here and has lived here nearly all of his life, doesn’t fish. He’s been fishing before of course and goes on a rare occasion, but when I tell you that we fish I sure as hell mean it. I mean we FISH. Some people call us fishing fools, fishing fanatics, or fishing addicts (“Hello, my name is Kristin, this is my fiancé Justin, and we’re fish-aholics.” Everyone in unison now, “Hi Kristin, hi Justin!”

day fishing

fishin' fools

If I told you we put well over 100 reds in our boat during red season this year would you believe me? How about some pictures to prove it?

my first red
red fishin'
the boys and our catch

If I told you that we put over 75 silvers in the boat, in only a little over a month, would you believe me? Well here’s some more proof (By the way, our goal was 100 silvers, ambitious? Probably, but we almost made our goal. We ended up coming in at 89 silvers for the year.)

a buck and a hen

biggest silver of the season

So you see, when I say we fish, I don’t just mean we like to fish leisurely on our weekends. I mean every day when J gets off work, he’s on the river, line in the water, in less than an hour. Then as soon as I’m off work, he picks me up at the boat dock and we fish until dark (which as you may or may not know, dark doesn’t really exist in Alaska for most of the summer).

June 21st is summer solstice, the longest day of the year. With dawn at 2:12am and dusk at 2:01am, that’s 23 hours and 49 minutes of light….translation: it’s the longest fishing day of the year!!  What did we do until midnight that night? Fished of course!

Do you want to know how sick our addiction really is? Believe it or not, I originally drafted this post back in October, while sitting on the boat, thumbing on my iPhone, waiting for a bite on my line. How’s that for impressive?

We ended up taking a lot of people out in our boat this year. We took out a friend of ours’ kids and they had a blast. We also took my boss’ son fishing, it was his first time fishing and he had a blast. Whenever we take other people’s kids fishing and they have so much fun, they always ask if they can go again next time. When they ask to go again, I always tell J, “Here these kids are, dying to go fishing and I bet you anything, when we have kids,  our kids are going to be complaining, ‘Ugh!! Do we have to go fishing AGAIN?!'” J of course says, “No way, our kids are going to love fishing!” I guess only time will tell.

Using my vacation days to get up at the butt crack of dawn and fish all day, might seem a little crazy to some people. I do have to admit that there are some mornings when I drag myself out of bed, just wanting to curl up and go back to sleep, and think to myself, “Am I crazy or what?” But then, as I’m sitting on the boat, snuggled up next to our heater, while the rest of the world is still curled up in bed, asleep, I see amazing sunrises like these and I’m reminded why I love early morning fishing so much:

Kenai Sunrise

Early Morning Sky

And I dont think there’s a person in the world that couldn’t appreciate sunsets like these:

Kenai Sunset

By the end of fishing season, we do get pretty fished out, especially with how cold it gets in October. We have a buddy heater that we take with us and let me tell you what, it comes in quite handy on those cold fishing trips. Whenever I have days where I don’t feel like fishing or I’m feeling “fished out”, I always remind myself that come winter, I’m going to be longing for the never-ending days of summer, the warmth of the sun on my face, and a fish fighting on my line. Sitting here, in the dead of the Alaskan winter, I can definitely tell you for a fact, I’d rather be fishing. 🙂

Sidenote – How cute and ridiculously silly is my fiancé?
silly boy

what a ham!

A Sticky Situation

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I’ve been telling myself for ages (yes ages) that I need to get back to blogging because I miss it so. I’ve had a blog post that I drafted a few months ago that I’ve been meaning to post, but I’ve been procrastinating (who me? never!). My biggest obstacle is…well…LIFE!

But no seriously, my biggest obstacle of getting my drafted post up has been the fact that my laptop took a giant DUMP about two months ago, after someone spilled apple juice on it. Yep, you read that right, apple juice. I blame J for setting his giant cup of apple juice next to it on the coffee table, the coffee table that was scooted entirely too close to the couch. He of course blames me for kicking said apple juice cup while trying to get comfy on the couch. Whatever!

I did get a new laptop out of the deal though. I choose to focus on the positive outcome considering I’d been begging and pleading for a new laptop because mine was a prehistoric dinosaur, falling apart at its hinges. No, I did NOT intentionally kick over the apple juice, I swear!

I debated long and hard between getting a Mac or a PC and although it’s a long, ongoing debate as to which is better, I was actually surprised at what the guy at the local computer store had to say about them. I’m not attempting to open up a giant can of worms here, but he said that in recent years PC’s have actually caught up to Mac’s in quality and there really isn’t a huge difference in the two anymore, it’s really down to personal preference now.

At first, I thought I would’ve loved a Mac because of their better graphics (for my photography editing and hopefully one day a photography career…sigh), but the price tag just wasn’t in our budget at the moment. After the computer guy explained to me that Photoshop is Photoshop no matter what system you’re using it on (duh! why didn’t I think of that?) and after I read about Eye-One Color Management on Jasmine Star’s Blog (who’s my ultimate photography idol by the way), I wasn’t so sure I actually needed a Mac.

So I opted for a new Dell laptop, which I’m quite happy with for the time being. Don’t hate because she’s not a Mac, if you’d like to buy me one I’d love you forever. No really…forever. Perhaps one day when I fulfill my aspirations to become a Professional Photographer, I’ll be able to afford a shiny new Mac. She may not be as techy as a Mac, but she sure is pretty.

my new laptop

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